Bai Ling’s Boob Pops Out of Her Dress (PICS)

We get a lot of imports from China. Bai Ling is one of those imports that can definitely be described as being a bit defective. Sure, Bai Ling is hot as hell. She is also crazy as a shithouse rat.

The Chinese born actress started lobbying for a spot on this list early on. In her teens she joined the People’s Liberation Army. She was in what would be the Chinese equivalent of the USO. It seems Bai Ling had authority issues and was accused of insubordination for using tobacco and alcohol. She was soon after diagnosed with “depression” and hospitalized.

Her most recent bout of craziness was on Valentine’s Day 2008. The actress was arrested at LAX for shoplifting two magazines and a package of batteries. She said she was coping with the “huge problem of breaking up on Valentine’s Day…wrong boyfriend.”. What was never reported and what we want to know is what kind of magazines were they and what kind of device the batteries were for.

What we learn new about Bai Ling with these pictures is that she has nipples you could hand your coat on. I am not talking about a wind-breaker. You could hang a winter overcoat on those nips.


If you would like to see Bai Ling’s boob pops out of her dress uncensored click the picture below. Be sure to also check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, hacked photos and wardrobe malfunctions here. Including picks from the celebrity hackathon.