Free NFL Picks and Week 15 Expert Laser-Accurate Predictions

It is the final three weeks of the 2014 NFL season and it looks like most teams are going to need every one of those wins to either earn a playoff spot or lock in a high seed. At this point, not a single playoff berth has been locked up yet. The Patriots may lock up the AFC East by the end of the weekend though. On to the week 15 NFL expert picks and predictions…

There is still a wild card playoff opportunity up for grabs in our Beat the House playoff contest. The next person to pick a perfect week gets a free pass into our Beat the House playoffs. Even if you haven’t entered the contest so far this year, a lucky perfect week will put you right into our top 16 and in the Beat the House playoffs.


This is the time of year that the big dogs come out to play… both in the NFL as well as in fantasy leagues and pools. Hopefully the info below can help you out.

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You can review the other week 15 NFL picks and predictions by clicking the link above. You will also have the opportunity to enter your own picks in our “Beat the House” contest which could earn you a chance to win a prize pack of power tools, courtesy of Porter Cable.

As mentioned above, up for grabs this week is a wild card playoff opportunity. The first entrant that picks a perfect week will be guaranteed a spot in our post season. That automatically puts you in the top 16 and a good position to win the grand prize. So even if you haven’t entered yet this season, your odds are as good or better than anyone’s.

The “Final Four” contestants in our playoffs, which will be after the divisional round of the NFL playoffs, will win the ultimate swag and movie prize pack.

Good luck with your own expert picks and predictions in week 15.