What is Gisele Bundchen Not Telling Us about Tom Brady’s Balls?

Yes, Gisele Bündchen is one of the top fashion model in the world. Gisele Bundchen is also an expert on balls.  A lot of people find it strange that the NFL has yet to interview Tom Brady about Deflategate. I find it curious they haven’t interviewed Gisele Bundchen.

At the Patriots last Super Bowl Gisele Bundchen was happy to share her football knowledge with a fan. Gisele Bundchen told the fan “my husband can’t throw the [expletive deleted] ball and catch it too”. Commentary on game strategy like that is worthy of Bill Belichick or John Madden.

With her vast football knowledge and being married to Tome Brady, Gisele Bundchen must know how Tom Brady likes his balls handled before a game. Tom has already told us he likes the feel of his balls after a little has be let out of them. Gisele Bundchen also has access to all of Gillette Stadium. Is the supermodel also a suspect in the manipulation of Tom Brady’s balls?

Let’s face it Tom Brady has handled a lot of balls in his life. Cold balls, wet balls, dirty balls and on the road he has even handled other players balls. I am sure Tom can tell if someone manipulated the balls before he got a chance to hold them.

For now I guess we are in a holding pattern. The one person that can tell us the most about Tom Brady’s balls has not been interviewed. Until Roger Goodell brings Gisele Bundchen to New York for an interview the whole truth will not come out.  Bridget Moynahan is also very familiar with Tom Brady’s balls. It will be interesting to see if she also makes the witness list.