Cosplay Cutie: Lindsay Elyse

23 year old Arizona CosPlayer Lindsay Elyse has drawn a large following of over 500,000 fans worldwide who admire her cosplay work, as well as several companies that have hired her as a performer for events; the largest one being Capcom who hired her last year to portray the character Poison.  Not only a cosplayer Elyse also models and records music, (you can listen to her music on Soundcloud) and aims to write with the caption ‘In the Works’ under the section ‘Writing’ on her Facebook page.

With a busy modeling and CosPlaying schedule Elyse appears quite frequently at major events, her ‘girl next door’ looks and light fun cosplays make her a crowd favourite.  But more than just her camera appeal Elyse also announces events she’s attending as a fan and encourages people to come up and say hello or a high five if they spot her, the most recent being Katsucon when Elyse posted an image of what she would be wearing that day so fans would find it easier to spot her.  But as always should you spot Elyse at an event it’s always best to be polite for no other reason than showing someone some respect.  After a busy year in 2014 Elyse shows no signs of slowing down and is already posting upcoming costumes and events she’ll be attending as well as a link for bookings at events.

You can follow Lindsay Elyse on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or buy her prints through her Online Store.

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