CosPlay Cutie: Katyuska MoonFox

While a number of people may believe that Cosplay is a North American or Japanese trend, the reality is that Cosplay is a worldwide phenomenon.

We have featured Cosplayers from Austria and Argentina here on CosPlay Cutie and in CosPlay Corner. Today, we feature Australian Cosplayer Katyuska MoonFox.

This 21 year old Cosplayer from Brisbane, Australia has attracted a world wide following of over 750,000 fans.

Both a model and a Cosplayer, the beautiful Katyuska MoonFox brings her characters to life with a sexy flair that delights her fans. She also interacts with her fans via her social media which she frequently updates with information on events that she is attending, including the costume or character she will be, allowing fans to easily identify her.

The highly social Katyuska MoonFox frequently interacts with other Cosplayers and regularly introduces her friends in the Cosplay world to her fans. She actively promotes the events she attends and is also an ambassador for events such as CosPlay Live which she will attending this coming Saturday, March 7.

However, despite the recognition and adoration of fans, don’t think she takes herself too seriously. One example of her attitude occurred through her social media when she posted a picture of herself to show her height after several people commented on how tall she looks.

While having fun and enjoying her Cosplay is apparent in her pictures, the ever-smiling Katyuska MoonFox takes care in the creation of her costumes. She consistently presents the accurate, well represented characters which fans and fellow Cosplayers have come to respect her for.

Fans in Australia will be able to meet the lovely Katyuska MoonFox at CosPlay Live this Saturday, March 7 at the Adelaide Convention Centre in Adelaide, Australia.
The event and ticket purchase link are available through her Facebook page..

You can follow Katyuska MoonFox on Facebook and Twitter, and will soon be able to buy her prints through her online store which is currently under construction.

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