CosPlay Cutie of the Week: Lunar Crow

Lunar Crow established herself as a cosplayer a year ago.  Lunar did this wearing a Diablo III demon hunter armor cosplay which showed a high level of skill for someone new to cosplay. This quickly drew attention to Lunar Crow.  Since then, she has been featured in articles and sat on panels at conventions for armor and costume making.

A full time student in Victoria, Canada, Lunar Crow credits her painting and drawing hobbies while growing up as helping her transition into cosplay and costume making. Although not a full, or even part time, costume maker, she does accept costume commissions for others.  Lunar makes all of her own costumes.

A self-described video game fan, Lunar’s cosplays are drawn from video game, anime and comic book characters.

When asked what she looks for when choosing a character, Lunar said. “Serious or sexy, if a character is cool and catches my eye, you’ll be sure I’ll want to cosplay them!”

Lunar also states that she enjoys being in front of the camera as she gets pleasure from photography and modeling as artistic mediums, and her images attest to this.

Strong confident poses are used as she displays the many costumes she has created for her cosplay work.

Through her social media, Lunar showcases the various stages of her costumes under construction, as she regularly interacts with her growing number of fans.

You can follow the lovely MissLunarCrow on Facebook or Twitter, and purchase a print through her online store.



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