Led Zeppelin Announces New Studio Album and U. S. Tour Dates

Live Nation and the surviving members of Led Zeppelin announced a new studio album and North American Tour dates today. Led Zeppelin founder and guitarist Jimmy Page said the yet to be named album was completed and was a montage of songs left behind and new collaborations by the surviving members.“We rolled new tape on everything” said Page. “These are not outtakes or b-sides that never made it to production. These are the first new Led Zeppelin songs since 1982”.

When asked what fans could expect from the new recordings vocalist Robert Plant replied “thunder”. Plant went on to explain that the goal of the album was to capture some of that “explosiveness” Led Zeppelin would expound on stage in the early days. Plant then added “We knew from the beginning there would be a tour to accompany the album. The goal was to write songs we could really rock live and give the fans a kick in their pants”.

Jason Bonham sat in for his father the late John Bonham on the recordings. Jason will also be joining the band for the tour dates. Jason said he is most excited about the band’s 3 day residence at the iconic Madison Square Garden in New York. The band will duplicate the set list they played during the 1973 filming of the critically acclaimed concert movie “The Song Remains the Same” during all three shows in New York. This will include Jason Bonham playing his father’s now legendary drum solo “Moby Dick”. 

The U. S. tour is expected to hit all major US cities in 2016. The band is also scheduling shows in smaller more intimate theaters across the U.S. and Canada during the tour. Tickets for the intimate theater shows will be budget priced and available through a lottery system only. Led Zeppelin’ 2016 tour will be sponsored by Virgin Mobile.