Star Blazers Live Action Movie Release Date Announced.

This week on Fuji TV’s entertainment show ‘Nonstop!’ StarBlazers creator Yoshinobu Nishizaki announced that the long awaited live action movie is in fact real and to be released this year.

When asked about plans for the beloved series by host Osamu Shitara, Nishizaki confirmed that the movie does exist and will be released in Japan on September 23 (on the Japanese national holiday Autumn Equinox) with a world wide release mid October.

Trailers dates for the new movie will be announced in the April 6 edition of Shonen Jump Magazine in Japan, with a large event planned for Tokyo Disney in June.

Exact dates for the Tokyo Disney events will also be announced in the edition of Shonen Jump Magazine.

While still fairly quiet on details Nishizaki did say that legendary anime and manga creator Lejii Matsumoto is working with the series again and named Sota Fukushi as the actor selected to play Derek Wildstar.

‘It was his work in the Kamen Rider movies that drew us to him’ Nishizaki said.

In a conversation with KAWAii Radio Fukushi said “It’s a huge relief to finally talk about this movie. Disney is very strict about saying anything until the official announcement.

When asked what fans should expect to see Fukushi just chuckled and said ‘You’ll just have to wait for the trailers. All I can say is that fans are going to be thrilled.’

While we can expect to see the trailers on the web for a month or two the North American official release of the trailers will be at the San Diego Comic Con this July.