Teachers to Report Parents Who Let Their Children Play Mature Rated Video Games

Video Game Roundtable Episode 215: Late But Not Too Late: Due to unforeseen circumstances, this episode was recorded on Monday, but despite the lateness, it’s full of rich news items, including some very disturbing trends in videogames, as well as a question by a listener that got mental juices flowing. This week’s Gaming Flashback is Professor Pac-Man.

The news items include:

Headteachers in UK threaten to report parents who let their children play 18-rated games
Star Citizen’s Vanguard “concept” fighter costs a cool $250
PC version of Dead or Alive 5 Last Round launches on Steam without key features
Zelda delay could ruin Nintendo’s 2015
New Jersey game store “swatting” takes an uglier turn

This week’s Question of the Week: “What do you think is the future of older games?”

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