Artie Lange Trashes Eagles Quarterback Tim Tebow (Video)

Hey Philly fans there is a famous NYC sports junkie that has a message for your team. That junkie is Howard Stern’s old sidekick Artie Lange. TMZ Sports caught up with the funnyman and asked him what he thought about Tim Tebow signing with the Eagles.

Artie’s spin on this is virgins can’t throw footballs. Artie could be wrong on this theory.  Fellow New Yorker Eli Manning didn’t get married until two months after he won Super Bowl XLII. Smart money says the first time Eli saw a woman naked was his wedding night.

The Eagles are stacked at the Quarterback position therefore Tebow will just be a camp body. If he has a strong pre-season and can show some sharper passing skills the pious one might find himself on a NLF roster come September. However, it is very doubtful that team will be the Eagles.

Checkout Artie’s spin on Tebow below.