CosPlay Cutie of the Week: Crystal Graziano – Precious Cosplay

Many cosplayers use the term ‘artist’ in their bios.  While the use of that term may be debateable in the eyes of some, it certainly applies for this week’s cosplay beauty Crystal Graziano aka Precious Cosplay. There may be debate that many of the top cosplayers are little more than models (cashing in on the current popularity of cosplay) but one would be hard pressed to say the same of Graziano. Not only does she cosplay but she also makes and sells cosplays to others.

Her costume work is so well done that, in 2011, Red 5 (developers of the multi player online shooter game ‘Firefall’) hired, and sponsored, Graziano to appear under their banner at events (for the year of 2012) as part of their ‘Cosplay Sponsorship’ program. The steady development of her cosplay work has netted Graziano tens of thousands of fans world-wide over the past several years.

This is not very surprising when you view her galleries and see that she does not rely strictly on her looks or dimensions when she cosplays. Rather, her beauty accents the detailed costumes she makes instead of overshadowing them.  Her work covers a range of characters largely drawn from anime and games.

In January, she launched a RedBubble account to direct focus to her artwork, (which can be viewed through this link) and she continues to receive a great deal of well-deserved recognition.

You can follow Crystal Graziano – Precious Cosplay on Facebook and Twitter or shop her online store.

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