Coplay Cutie of the Week: Kamui Cosplay

German cosplayer Kamui is best described as a cosplayer’s cosplayer. Known for her complex costumes and numerous appearances, Kamui is also recognized for her tutorials and the quality of her work.
Kamui enjoys cosplay and also helps others to improve their own cosplays .

Through her social media, online store and official website, Kamui offers extensive tutorials on everything from basic accessories to advanced ideas such as armour construction and including lights in costumes for effects.
She has also released a series of books about costume making as well as one that highlights her cosplays as shot by professional photographers. Kamui’s continuous updates to social media and numerous appearances are part of what makes her such a draw for fans.

Her appearances are not limited to Europe; Kamui travels abroad to participate in various conventions. For example, from July 3-5 she appears at Dublin’s Arcade Con. Two weeks later, she will appear in New Zealand at the New Zealand Comic Con. That’s over 11,000 miles in two weeks to attend conventions; definitely displaying her dedication to the art of cosplay.

Drawing many of her cosplays from online games, (such as League of Legends and Guild Wars) Kamui’s work often features complex armour with great attention to details and highlights.
She also makes her own body suits and tights; all with a skill level which would rival any Hollywood prop department.

You can follow Kamui on Facebook, through her Official Website or order from her Online Store.

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