Refusing To Forget Slain Soldiers

Normally we here at avoid political topics, and politically cantered topics. Simply because we are, first and foremost, an entertainment site.

We do not pretend to be a source of great, inspirational knowledge. Rather we are a beer, babes and fun site dedicated to help you waste time on the web. While this has often lead us to being labelled as ‘inappropriate’, we’re just fine that. Our goal is to provide a section of the internet that is a fun place to goof off.

But that does not mean we don’t love our countries, (as our writers hail from around the world), nor care about what happens in our countries or about our troops.

Many of our writers have friends and family in the military, or are former/current military members themselves. And as such we stand behind those troops.

This does not mean we are planning on discussing any of the policies which put our troops in harm’s way, or what is happening around the globe. We’ll leave that as a matter of personal opinions and thought for our staff and readers to choose for themselves.

However, we have noticed the alarming trend of soldiers slain on home soil being quickly forgotten by the media and even by our country’s leaders.

To us, this is far more ‘inappropriate’ than any article about babes, beer, satire or gadgets that we have ever released.

In response to this we are including the names of soldier/sailors and air personnel slain at home from the U.K, Canada and the U.S.A. at the end of this.

We encourage people to share this article, or in the very least copy and paste the name of these fallen troops to your social media.

Too often the killers name becomes household knowledge, while their victims’ names are forgotten.

The only motivation/agenda we have behind this post is to simply say to the fallen that “We will not forget you.”

United Kingdom

Fusilier Lee Rigby


Corporal Nathan Cirillo
Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent

United States of America

Major Libardo Caraveo
Staff Sergeant Justin DeCrow
Captain John Gaffaney
Specialist Frederick Greene
Specialist Jason Hunt
Staff Sergeant Amy Krueger
Private First Class Aaron Nemelka
Private First Class Michael Pearson
Captain Russell Seager
Private First Class Francesca Velez
Lieutenant Colonel Juanita Warman
Private First Class Kham See Xiong
Lance Corporal Squire Wells
Staff Sergeant David Wyatt
Sergeant Carson Holmquist
Gunnery Sergeant Thomas Sullivan
Petty Officer Randall Smith

We thank you for your time reading this.