Over 50% of Parents Worry About Their Children Playing Video Games Online

Video Game Roundtable: Episode 225: And Introducing… Yes, it seems strange that we skipped Episode 224, but it was recorded, but some issues prevented it from being posted. Instead, it’ll come out sometime later this year. For now, Episode 225 features the debut of Scott Dirk, aka Alphashard, as a co-host. There are some audio issues, so be warned.

The news includes: Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata passes away at 55, Kojima’s name removed from Metal Gear Solid V cover, Fallout 4 is about “freedom” not being the “best looking game” says Bethesda, Shenmue 3 breaks Kickstarter video game record, Over 50% of parents worry about their children playing video games online.

A great idea to stop that your kid plays video games all day is to buy them new toys like children’s skateboards, bicycles, there are a lot of options out there.

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