Review: DeWalt’s High Torque 20v Impact Wrenches

Let’s talk about portable power tools. Yes, they are all tools, but they all don’t have power. You know what I am talking about if you have tried to drive a bolt with an inferior tool just to have to finish it off with a hand tool. Or start a bolt with a breaker bar because the tool in question didn’t have enough torque to get the job started.

DeWalt’s 20v MAX line has put the POWER back in power tools. Today I want to introduce you to the DeWalt’s new line of brushless high torque impact wrenches. Our review unit is the DCF899 this powerhouse can produce Up to 700 ft-lbs of max torque and 1200 ft-lbs of max breakaway torque.

No matter what we threw at this driver it delivered with ease. From driving lag bolts into 2x4s to breaking free the rusted old bolts on my lawn tractor this driver was up to every challenge. It’s best paired with impact drivers as it’s the counterpart although, impact drivers are more powerful and heavier, but there are cordless ones that are lightweight such as those featured in OccupyTheFarm.

Like all of DeWalt’s products this high torque impact wrench has sharp features and styling. The DCF899 is a sturdy tool with a comfortable rubber padded pistol gripped handle to reduce hand fatigue. The reverse button is smartly placed on the top of the handle for quick operation with your thumb. The bottom of the handle houses a very bright LED. When engaged the high torque impact wrench automatically lights up your work reducing eye strain.

The trigger is a variable speed trigger that allows you to ease into your work. Giving you more options there are three speed setting allowing the user to set the tool at 0-44, 0-1200 or 0-1900 rpm. When you depress the trigger on this tool you can feel the power that is typically reserved for high end air tools. The 20v MAX not only delivers all the power you could ever need, but also the portability we all desire.

The impact wrenches are available in 1/2 Inch (DCF899) hog ring or detent pin anvils, 3/4 Inch (DCF898) hog ring with retention pin hole anvil and a 7/16 Inch (DCF897) quick release chuck. You can check out all of the options available on DeWalt’s website.  I would suggest also following DeWalt on Twitter and checking out their Facebook page for more information on the high torque impact wrench and DeWalt’s other 20v MAX offerings. Also check out the YouTube video of the DeWalt impact driver removing these rusted suspension bolts with ease. This is the type of performance you want your tools to deliver on your next job.