Cosplay Cutie of the Week: Misa TW

When she first joined a school cosplay club in junior high – cosplay gave Misa TW the chance to bring some of her favourite characters to life.

Now, at 22, Misa has attracted a wide range of fans throughout the world during her years of cosplay; and she is currently listed as one of the up and coming cosplayers to watch for during 2015.

Misa has recently begun working with someone to assist in her social media, so that she may now maintain English language pages .

Although Misa currently appears at events in Taiwan, with her growing popularity, there is a good chance that she may soon travel outside her home country; where her choices of cosplays would be very welcome by fans.

Making all her own costumes, based on anime and video game characters, (Misa admits she is a huge League of Legends fan) she chooses cosplays that are both sexy and cute.

At first her images may throw you off a bit, as her face looks incredibly young while she often chooses sexy cosplay costumes and characters.
This is something that Misa is very aware of; in one interview (when asked about her costumes) she replied that she doesn’t mind if the cosplay is sexy, or revealing, when it’s a character she wishes to portray.

You can follow Misa TW Cosplay through Facebook.

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