Indy Comic Spotlight: Moonshot Vol 1 from AH! Comics.

I’ve been mentioning this title for the past few months and now it is finally shipping. For anyone who has missed any of the previous releases about this title a quick refresher.

Moonshot Vol. 1 is a title put out by publisher AH! Comics, a Toronto Ontario based independent publisher who specialize in unique high quality titles, usually in graphic novel format.

Like other AH! titles, Moonshot Vol. 1 was funded via a highly successful Kickstarter campaign.

But what is Moonshot?

Moonshot Vol. 1 is a title that focuses on native stories. Yet, unlike many other books and titles, Moonshot Vol. 1. does not rehash clichés about native spirituality and culture. Rather the title is a collection of short stories written and drawn by native artists, who are already established in the comic industry, this is a reflection of native culture and traditions largely done in comic format. Also, throughout the book, are short stories that include illustrations that relate to the story and it features a forward by regarded author Michael Sheyahshe.

The book itself is beautiful. Cover to cover, page to page, panel to panel – this book is beautiful. The illustrations, the stories, the dialogue and even the layout of the book. Everything is well done.

Book editor Hope Nicholson and AH! editor in chief Andy Stanliegh deserve as much credit as the artists in the book for all their work in bringing the book together as well as they have. This title is more than just a comic book or graphic novel, this book really is a work of art from cover to cover.

Now I know that is a popular thing to say, especially when dealing with cultural items in our current time of sensitivity. But in this case it really does apply.

This isn’t a book that you’ll look through once and set on a shelf, but it is one that you will return too again and again to read it or just look through it and enjoy the art.

Shipping now you can order a copy of Moonshot Vol. 1 for $19.99 (plus shipping) through this link on

(*all images are the property of their respective owners)

(*all images are the property of their respective owners)

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