Why Tom Brady Will Not Be Taking The NFL to Court

The chant around Patriots Nation is “it’s off to court we go”. We posted a story a few months back titled “What The Patriots Fans Don’t Understand About Deflategate”. Even with us doing a paint by numbers the New England fans still couldn’t comprehend what is going on. This “witch hunt” as they call it has nothing about deflated balls and everything about not cooperating with the NFL.

The Patriots organization thinks they are bigger than the league itself and this is Roger Goodell’s way of showing them they are wrong. Yes, Roger got it right this time.  The Patriots organization refused to make key employees available for investigators. Now we are hearing that Tom Brady destroyed evidence.

If this goes to court it can only go bad for Brady. Let’s not pretend here – Tom Brady would not have destroyed the phone if it had no incriminating evidence on it. How many people destroy their phones for the fun of it? If this does go to court Tom Brady’s texts and emails can be brought into evidence. Destroying the phone does nothing when all of your communications are stored on your carrier’s servers.

We could go down the rabbit hole with this investigation if this is taken to court by Brady. If there is any evidence of Kraft or Belichick knowing about the deflated balls the punitive stage of this could get much bigger. Depending on what is on the phone a 4 game suspension could turn into a yearlong ban for Brady and the coach. If Kraft was aware of cheating he could lose his team. The phone could also divulge other Patriots missteps they do not want the league to know about. Brady could also get slapped with destruction of evidence by the court for destroying the phone.

A court case could possibly end during the playoffs. As a coach or owner would you rather lose Tom Brady the first 4 weeks of the season or the last 4 weeks of the season or possibly longer?

Any way you slice it, Brady is done for 4 games.  He also has the heat of the league office on him for destroying that phone. Let’s call that double secret probation

What you have to understand is there is one question every reporter, NFLPA officer and Circuit Court Judge is going to want to know the answer to, “Why did you destroy the phone Tom?” Until Tom Brady can answer that question his legacy is forever tarnished, the suspension will stand and we will not be heading to court. Innocent people do not destroy evidence, guilty people do not go running into court.