Bleona Qereti Caught Topless Sunbathing

Bleona Qereti, also known as Bleona is an International recording artist, actress, and entertainer. I floated her name around the offices and the standard response was “Who?”. While she is not huge in the United States she is a Phenom internationally especially in her home country of Albania.

While no one is the office recognized Bleona’s name the topless pictures below did elicit an expected response. The response was get her on the site stat.  While we culturally immature Americans drool over photos like this I am guessing it is no big deal for Bleona. Europe is littered with nude beaches and public bathing spots. Tooling around Europe naked is no big deal for most.

However, I will be willing to bet once this picture of Bleona topless with her naked breasts and butt swinging in the wind traffic will swell from all countries. Let’s face it the girl is hot. Her music not so much. Bleona cranks out sexually driven pop that has been done by everyone from Marylyn Monroe to Madonna. Typically I would say nothing new to see here but, hey take a look below.

Bleona has been known to wear many revealing and shocking outfits. Still, this is the first time she has been photographed nude. I am guessing this naked photo of Bleona just might blow up the internet a bit more than Kim Kardashian’s ass did last year.

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