Tips to Help Your Son Develop a Strong Interest in Football

As a father, it’s important to make sure your son has hobbies and interests. If you can, you need to try to make sure he takes a vested interest in sports. Sports are essential for staying fit and healthy, and for developing social skills. America’s favorite sport is football. So now is the perfect time to get your son excited about all things football! Use these tips to help you achieve that.

Watch the Super Bowl
If you want to get your son excited about football what better way than to enjoy the highlight of the football calendar – The Super Bowl. Last season’s Super Bowl was one of the most exciting in living memory. And fans will be looking forward to more fireworks this year. The Super Bowl is such a historic match that it’s difficult not to get excited when you watch it. This could be the best possible initiation for your son. Pop on a tape of last season’s Super Bowl final to get him in the right mind-set for the season.

Go to a College Game
Going to regular NFL games through the season could prove tricky for you. There are only a limited number of games and tickets. And it can often be expensive to try to go to these games. Your best bet for catching some regular football is going to be attending college games. These are huge, and they attract almost as many fans as professional games. The advantage of college games is they are cheaper and easier to attend. Plus you get to see the next generation of players competing for the draft.

Get Them to Choose a Team to Support
There’s no doubt that after taking an interest your son will eventually develop his own tastes. And this is where you should encourage him to choose a team to support. People tend to get much more passionate and excited about a sport when they have a team to follow. Now, he may want to adopt the team you support, as is often the case. He might pick a team based on the state or city you’re in. Or there could be a player he loves that will decide his allegiance.

Buy Them a Jersey
One of the things people like to do when they are a fan of a sport or team is to buy a jersey. Of course, your son will most likely have decided on a team to support by now. And if that’s the case then they’re going to want a jersey of the team they support. Now, there are plenty of places you can pick up a replica jersey. If there is a sporting goods store nearby they are bound to have an array of shirts on offer. Failing that you could always have a look online. You’re more likely to find a better range of jerseys at cheaper prices.


Go Through the Rules
In order to fully appreciate something, you must first understand it. So, you need to sit down with your son and make sure you go through the rules of the game. He might have a basic knowledge already. But, make sure teach him about the in-depth rules. A good way to do this might be to go through them as you watch a game. Experiencing something first hand often helps in the understanding of it. Make sure he’s familiar with terms like ‘sacking’ and ‘touchdown’. Ensure he understands how the draft system works. And perhaps the two of you can discuss week 1 NFL picks and predictions.

Throw and Catch
There’s nothing quite like a bit of father and son bonding time to bring you closer together. And one of the best ways to get this time is to take a football out into the garden or field and throw & catch. This will teach your kid about positioning and handling of the ball. And you will be able to bond and catch up while doing it. It can be very therapeutic, and allows you to converse with each other one on one. You can talk about anything, and bond over a mutual love of the game.

Encourage Them to Join a Team
A great way to get your kid even more passionate about the game is to encourage them to join a local team. It’s a great way to support local clubs and keep your kid active and fit. Wherever you live, there are bound to be some clubs around. Actively participating in sports is great for your son’s social development, and fitness levels. Plus it will enrich his enjoyment and excitement of football. You never know, he could even develop a strong talent for the game. And this may lead to scholarships, etc.

Help Out
As the proud parent, you should offer your services to help out. Many of these local clubs only exist due to the volunteering and support they receive. And if the parents aren’t going to do it then who else will? It’s important to take an interest in what’s important to your son. This will make him more passionate about it. You’ll be able to support and encourage him while helping with the running of the club. You need to make sure you take the time to bond with your son as much as possible. And this will allow you to do that without interfering with his enjoyment.

Make Sure They Have all the Gear
When people get into a sport and join a team, they need to have all the right gear. When your son joins his local team, you’ll want to make sure he’s got all the necessary stuff. This means going out and getting boots, jerseys, and a helmet. Then there are other things like football playbooks, and mouth guards, etc. Basically, you need to prepare him to be able to enjoy playing in whichever position he chooses to play in.

The new NFL season has begun, so what better time to get your son into football than right now? Last season was one of the most exciting in memory, and this season is shaping up to be excellent too. It’s important to encourage your kids to have interests and to get into sports. And football is one of the best to get them interested in. Follow these tips and you should have a football mad son by the end!