Best Options For Watching NFL Streaming Online Live

NFL Week 1 is in full swing and one thing is for certain this is not your father’s NFL. Yes, the game has changed. Football is now faster and more cerebral. However, the technology surrounding the game has brought us to a new era. With those changes in technology also come some serious issues.

The internet gives us so many options to watch football live online. The problem is many of these sites to watch football live online free are beyond dangerous. The bottom-line is nothing is really free online. All sites are driven by membership fees or ad revenue. On free NFL broadcast sites those ads often carry viruses, spyware and worse.

A trip to one of these sites can at best cripple and destroy your computer. The worst case scenario has your private information exposed by spyware. Some of these fishing sites can have your back account empty before you finish the Green Bay Packers vs. Chicago Bears game.

If you need options to watch your local team online your cable provider will most likely have ways to allow you to stream the game free on your computer, tablet or other devices. If you would like to steam all of the out of market NFL games you best option is DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket.

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket gives the fan a total NFL experience.  DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket also gives you Red Zone Channel and Fantasy Tracker. Red Zone Channel will show you every scoring play of the 2015 NFL season. If you want to drill down deeper and only track the players you are most interested in there is Fantasy Tracker.

Fantasy Tracker allows you to follow your players live from game to game for in-depth analysis and stats. For you really hardcore NFL fans DirecTV has Game Mix.  Game Mix allows you to tile up to 8 live NFL games simultaneously on a single screen.

I know what you are thinking all this sounds good but what can you do if you don’t have DirecTV. Not to worry DirecTV now makes NFL Sunday Ticket available to non-DirecTV subscribers. DirecTV has even rolled out price packages for students on campus. Now that freshman at UCLA can watch their home team Miami Dolphins week one against the Washington Redskins.

To recap – no spyware, no virus and all of your NFL action in stunning high definition. NFL Sunday Ticket is available online, on your game console, tablet or even your phone. This is not your father’s NFL and now is the time for you to take advantage of it. You can sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket online.