CosPlay Cutie of the Week – DustBunny

Hailing from Los Angeles California is this week’s CosPlay Cutie – Dustbunny. Cosplaying for over 10 years Dustbunny has produced a wide variety of costumes from video game and anime characters to steam punk cosplays.

More than just a cosplayer, Dustbunny is also well known, (and regarded) for her costume work. Her Facebook page features numerous patterns, tips and costume construction pointers for people working on their own cosplays.

Dustbunny is also a panellist, speaker and judge for numerous cosplay events and seminars about cosplay. Speaking on everything, (cosplay related) from costume design to being sexy in your cosplays. However, this doesn’t mean that Dustbunny is one of the cosplayers that criticize as using cosplay for an excuse to wander around the convention floors barely dressed. While she is very attractive, Dustbunny chooses to make her cosplays as a display of her skill and love of the characters.

Having studied art and makeup in college Dustbunny is able to translate this into her cosplay quite accurately. And fans agree; with more than 250,000 fans world wide over the years Dustbunny has transformed herself from fan to being a draw for fans through her numerous con appearances, panel work and the quality she puts into her cosplay work.

You can follow Dustbunny ‘s cosplay work on Facebook and Twitter, or purchase prints from her Online Store.

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