Next Level Tailgating – How to Watch NFL Live Anywhere

If you are into tailgating as hardcore as we are here at there are certain essentials you bring to the game. Unless you are a rookie a grill, a cooler full of beer and a radio to listen to the pregame action are essentials. As you rubber-neck around the crowd in the parking lot of your favorite stadium you will notice some people have brought their game to the next level.

Yes, some people are actually watching the pregame shows as they are tailgating these days. It is cool to have a live NFL feed while you tailgate. However some of the contraptions I have seen people set up to watch NFL action in the parking lots of stadiums is mind boggling.

I have seen everything from power converters to generators powering screens as people try to pick up an analog signal in the middle of a parking lot. If you really want to pick up the Sunday action simply get DirecTV Sunday Ticket.

With DirecTV Sunday Ticket you can stream on your PC or game console at home. On the road you can use your table or even your cellphone. Pulling up DirecTV Sunday Ticket on my iPad is a breeze. A couple of clicks and I have a beautiful crisp digital signal of DirecTV’s great pre-game coverage or any of the out of market games.

During game time you can even bring DirecTV Sunday Ticket into the stadium on your cellphone. You can watch what is going on with a division rival while you cheer on the home team.

I know what you are thinking all this sounds good but what can you do if you don’t have DirecTV. Not to worry DirecTV now makes NFL Sunday Ticket available to non-DirecTV subscribers. DirecTV has even rolled out price packages for students on campus. Now that freshman at NYU can watch their home team New England Patriots vs. The Buffalo Bills this week steaming live over multiple devices.

To recap – all of your NFL action in stunning high definition. NFL Sunday Ticket is available online, on your game console, tablet or even your phone. This is not your father’s NFL and now is the time for you to take advantage of it. You can sign up for NFL Sunday Ticket online.