Review: Stanley Simple Start

With last year’s record breaking winter behind us, most of us in the Northeast are bracing for the worst once again. The shoveling, snow blowing and snow covered sidewalks are a slight inconvenience. The bane of us residents of the snow covered states is the dreaded dead car battery.

Most people in the North East have a good set of jumper cables. Unfortunately jumper cables present some problems.  You need another car to give you a jump. This leaves you in search of a compassionate stranger. Even more so a safe stranger. Being stuck on a dark, cold road can be stressful for anyone. Even more so for women and younger drivers.

More and more drivers are ditching their old school jumper cables for jumper packs and portable battery chargers. Once only found on emergency vehicles and in body shops these chargers are now affordable for consumers. One of the better options is the Stanley Simple Start.

The Stanley Simple Start gives you two ways to charge your car. He unit comes with traditional battery clamps to connect to your battery terminals. The Stanley Simple Start also gives you the option to plug a charger into your cigarette lighter or accessory terminal and start your vehicle safely from inside your car.

How cool is that you don’t even have to open your hood and the ability to start your dead battery is within hand. The Stanley Simple Start has some other great features. The unit has easy to read power status indicators on the front of the unit. There is also a LED light built into the unit.

What most impressed me is the 2 Amp USB charging port. If you have a dead battery on your cellphone you can charge it off of the Stanley Simple Start and push out an emergency call.

This is not just a solution for the home user. The Stanley Simple Start can crank a V8 engine making it a smart solution for contractors, fleet managers and first responders. You can check out more about this great unit on Stanley’s website.