Carl’s Jr’s New TexMex Burger Commercial: Hot Women Playing Vollyball Over a Border Wall

Everybody relax! People read too much into things. Carl Jr’s new TexMex burger commercial is about burgers and hot girls not international politics. We shy away from political topics on So if we are sharing this video it cannot be in any way political. I don’t live anywhere need a Carls Jr. so they do not show the commercials in my market. However, even I am aware of the sexy burger commercials they have done featuring Paris Hilton, Auddrina Partridge, Jenny McCarthy and a string of other hot women. This is a joke not a political statement.

One would have to agree no matter what your view is on immigration, the Carl’s Jr. Mexican Vollyball team is welcome to emigrate at any time. If they are coming to America they should bring Yanet Garcia, the Mexican hot weather reporter with the perfect ass that has blown up YouTube. The NFL has weather people, why not TexMex Vollyball.

The more I watch this clip the more I think the Olympic committee need to rethink how they are presenting this sport. Carl’s Jr knocked this out of the park. Why can’t we see a bit more of this in the summer Olympics? This is a sporting event worth of replacing the Super Bowl. I will take 4 hours of TexMex Vollyball any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Here is the commercial for your viewing please. Watch Carl’s Jr. Tex Mex Bacon Thickburger “Borderball” Commercial Extended Cut