Guitar Gear Review: TiSonix Titanium Spring Claw

On our next stop along the path to titanium sonic nirvana, I’ve just installed a titanium spring claw. Made here in the USA by TiSonix, this is a direct replacement for your typical spring claw found in the cavity of most guitars equipped with tremolos.

For this outing, I installed it in the same Charvel® Guitars MIJ San Dimas Pro Mod that I’ve referenced for the other titanium parts manufactured by TiSonix: R3 locking nut, mounting studs and saddles w/inserts. Why not just throw on an entire titanium rig at once? Well, I am looking to determine the impact of each part.

As a reference, this same guitar had a brass spring claw prior to this titanium part, so I also got more of an idea of the difference between those.

First off, you may wonder if any single part will magically transform a guitar. From my experience of tinkering, not so much. Some have bigger results than others, but it always ends up being the sum being greater than the parts. I can say that I’ve dealt with a variety of spring claws over the decades. There’s nothing wrong with a solid spring claw that comes with a Schaller-made double-locking tremolo out of Germany. I have a few versions of brass spring claws and there is an improvement with those…no denying.

Installing the titanium spring claw made by TiSonix, I first noticed a nice attention to detail with the integrated screw for the ground wire. Instead of trying to fidget with getting solder to adhere to titanium, just use the little screw. An elegant solution. They also include new screws. I used these screws and I’d encourage others to do so as well….they are nicer screws of a higher quality that you will feel comfortable putting all that tension in to without another thought.

Is there a tonal impact? Of course there is.

Difference from the brass spring claw? As with my other comments about brass vs. titanium… they are both good upgrades, it’s just a matter of flavor. Added definition. More sustain. Note separation. Greater clarity. It’s in there.

For the cost-to-benefit ration, this is a definite good starting point for someone that is considering dipping their toe into the titanium pool. For less than the cost of a brass block, you will be initiated into the elite brotherhood of Titanium Tone. Warning: it’s an addictive habit…but isn’t all tone-chasing a little addictive? lol! Take your favorite axe…the one you know inside and out….install one of these bad boys and I have no doubt that you will be able to tell the difference…and you won’t feel guilty about breaking the bank.

For more information, check out TiSonix at, where you can contact them via their site or via social media at Official TiSonix FB or Official TiSonix Twitter

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