CosPlay Cutie of the Week: Ivy Tenebrae – UK model and cosplayer

Hailing from the United Kingdom is this weeks feature Ivy Tenebrae, a self proclaimed geek and gamer who is also recognized for her modeling work. Now all of that is a very trendy thing to claim, and the web is filled with images and pages of people claiming to be the exact same thing, so what separates Tenebrae from those masses?

Quite simply is that Tenebrae is the real deal, as is evidenced on her social media pages. While she is not the only one able to make good on this claim, it does separate her from many of the others claiming the same things.

Tenebrae not only makes her own costumes, but is a genuinely credited model rather than someone who uses cosplay to break into modeling; which separates her from a great number of other cosplayers. And while doing so isn’t necessarily bad, it does tell fans that this is beautiful lady who shares their passions rather than attempting to use their interests simply for self-promotion; something that many other cosplayers have been accused of and a source of irritation for many fans.

A couple examples of her modeling work -You can see her on the ‘Metal, Goth and Alternative Girls’ Facebook page, (she’s the banner picture) and she became affiliated with ‘Teeblox’. Links to both can be found on her Facebook page.

Her success to date has not seen Tenebrae isolate herself from fans, (something else many other known cosplayers have been accused of) as she routinely interacts with them, via her social media, in a genuine and friendly fashion.

Tenebrae has also been quite open about facing health issues, and we certainly wish her continued success in dealing with this. To learn more about Ivy Tenebrae or to follow her you can view her Facebook or visit her Official Website.


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