Avril Lavigne Boob Slip in Halloween Skeleton Dress (PICS)

Avril Lavigne for some reason is still hot news. Maybe because she is still hot looking. Avril Lavigne has not put out a record in 3 years and her film work is sparse. I will say when she puts a product out there it is typically quality. When she put her breast and nipples out there in this photo it was indeed quality also.

Avril Lavigne has not allowed herself to be filmed nude. She did show a bit of her naked butt during the Much Music Video Awards in 2003. However, when Avril Lavigne does film work there are no nude or topless scenes. The furthest she has gone is to be filmed in her underwear.  So these new shots are the first look you fanboys are getting of a topless Avril Lavigne.

If Avril Lavigne’s goodies get you going the good news is you might have a shot at her. Avril Lavigne recently dumped the king of butt rock Chad Kroeger, frontman of the band Nickelback. The two of them were together for 3 years. I am guessing she finally gave Nickelback a listen and hit the ground running.

I am guessing the divorce means Chad Kroeger is back to picking up Tim Horton’s counter girls and drunk chick at hockey games, eh! The downside of this is we can be expecting another sappy Nickelback song like “Photograph”. I wonder if Chad will use the Gibson Chad Kroger model Les Paul or the Fender Avril Lavigne Telecaster in the video? It doesn’t really matter the last thing the work needs is another Nickelback song.

If you would like to see Avril Lavigne boob slip in Halloween skeleton dress click on the picture below to see the unedited photo. Be sure to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, nude hacked photos and bare-naked wardrobe malfunctions.