The Witcher Movie Slated for 2017

Video Game Roundtable Episode 237: Rebel Scum. This week’s episode is a little late thanks to unforeseen circumstances, but nothing will stop us from posting new episodes. It’s actually one day late, since last week was a week off, thanks to Podbean limits and Halloween. On that note, this week, Jonah had to erase a spoiler segment about The Force Awakens, but enough remains of the convo discussing other parts of the upcoming movie.

This week’s news: Sony not to offer backwards compatibility, Advertising Standards Authority rules Valve misled customers with Grand Theft Auto V Steam Sale, The Witcher movie slated for 2017, Ubisoft admits poor Syndicate sales are due to franchise fatigue caused by Unity, World of Warcraft paid subscribers at a nine year low at 5.5M

The Question of the Week is what we usually ask ourselves, but with all the new games coming out, “What have you been playing this week?”

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