Guitar Gadget Review” ESP Multi Spanner Wrench

It’s always cool to find a inexpensive little gadget that makes things easier. The ESP Multi Spanner Wrench is one of those tools.

There’s a lot to be said for something that covers so many bases that many of us commonly deal with. Have you ever had to tighten a nut on your tuning peg or your output jack or your volume/tone post or even your input jack on your amp or a finger-screw wheel to adjust your bridge? The ESP Multi Spanner Wrench does all that. And not to be outdone, it can also loosen them as well.

Think of the times you’ve noticed the nuts on the tuners were a little loose. You could break out a socket and remove the strings. Or…with the ESP Multi Spanner Wrench…you can knock out the job quicker and easier.

Are you hyper when playing and over-work the toggle switch to the point of the nut coming loose? Be it a mini-toggle or a full size 3-way toggle, the ESP Multi Spanner Wrench has it covered.

Do you use dome knobs with set screws on your volume/tone pots? Have you had issues with getting the knobs too far down to where they rub on the finish of the guitar? Or issues with the knob not being set evenly and having a distracting uneven wobbly effect when you turn the knob? You guessed it…put the ESP Multi Spanner Wrench between the face of the guitar and the bottom of the knob. You’ll get the clearance to save your finish and your knob will spin much more even.

What could be better? It’s compact and can fit in your case or gig bag! Just take the single ESP Multi Spanner Wrench in place of all those other tools and your pre-gig emergencies are handled.

Could it be even better? You bet! It’s relatively cheap, clocking in at about the $11.00 mark from different online suppliers. Just Google it and find the online store that suits your preference.

Take a peek at this video of the ESP Multi Spanner in action

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