Just in Time for Xmas: NextGen Home Sperm Banking Kits

Men in their 20s and 30s who want to be dads but aren’t quite ready for parenthood are freezing their sperm to save fatherhood for later. Some military servicemen bank sperm before a long deployment. But, while sperm banking is an effective way to preserve male fertility, the process remains daunting for many men, mostly due to the stressful nature of semen collection in a clinic setting. The NextGen Home Sperm Banking Kit removes this barrier to sperm banking by providing a way for men to produce a semen sample in the privacy of their own home.

The NextGen® Home Sperm Banking Kit can be purchased for just under $500 at fairhavenhealth.com. The kit includes complete instructions, semen collection materials, and overnight shipping materials. The semen sample will be tested to evaluate the health of the sperm, and the sperm will then be kept frozen and safe for as long as desired at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio – one of the nation’s most reputable sperm banks.

With your purchase of the NextGen Home Sperm Banking Kit, you will also receive a semen analysis to check the quality of your sperm. Cleveland Clinic will use a very small amount of the sample to determine the total number of sperm in the sample, the total number of live sperm in the sample, and the percentage and number of moving (motile) sperm. Cleveland Clinic will report these results to you in a timely manner.