Gentlemen’s Club Review: Private Eyes Gentlemen’s Club (New York, NY)

The Low Down
They say “big things can come in small packages,” and that statement is more than appropriate for Private Eyes Gentlemen’s Club. I’ve been to many small-sized clubs in my day and find that they usually lack in the quality and amenities that the larger, name-brand chains offer. Private Eyes, like its Manhattan sister clubs Flashdancers and New York Dolls, offers a superior customer service experience and value comparable to what you’ll find in the larger clubs in Las Vegas and Miami. I arrived at the club at around 1:30pm on a Friday afternoon and was surprised to find both a good number of customers and some attractive dancers during the usually slow afternoon shift. As with all of my gentlemen’s clubs reviews, I rated the club on a scale of one to five stars, with five being the best possible score.

Location & Facilities – 5 Stars
Located in Midtown Manhattan a mere three blocks from Times Square, Private Eyes is a topless, one-story club that is easily accessible by subway, bus, taxi and Uber. Parking, as with all of Manhattan, is extremely limited, so plan on paying a hefty price for parking if you drive. Upon entering, you’ll notice that the owners of this club spared no expense to make this club as hip, trendy and modern as you’ll find in many upscale nightclubs. The club features a bar area with two flat screens and a gorgeous main lounge area with two main poles, plenty of seating for individuals and groups alike and in-sync lighting (you’ll have to see it to believe how amazing it looks). The champagne lounges feature couches, tables, individual poles and an exceptional level of privacy. Couch dances are out in the open, however, but this appears to be the norm for NYC gentlemen’s clubs. If you’re coming with a group don’t forget to inquire about their private party room, with private stage and 70-inch satellite TV.

Staff – 5 Stars
I usually don’t comment on the staff at gentlemen’s clubs, mostly because I’m too focused on the experience the customer will have and, let’s face it, “interacting” with the gentlemen’s club staff isn’t usually a good thing for customers. Upon my arrival, I was greeted by floor manager Anthony, who was nice enough to give me a brief tour of the club, show me to my seat and send a cocktail waitress over for my drink order. I had the opportunity to meet club manager Paul, who told me that the club is famous for hosting lots of bachelor parties and pointed out that the gentlemen’s club experience is “therapy from life” for his patrons.

Food & Drink – 4 Stars
While I don’t recall seeing a food menu during my trip to the club, I can tell you that I enjoyed an Amstel Light as part of their “2-for-1” special… a special I found common amongst the Manhattan gentlemen’s clubs, probably to keep patrons from having a “one and done” mentality when it comes to buying drinks.

Dancers – 4 Stars
The day shift of dancers at Private Eyes are a mixed bag in terms of ages and ethnicities, but still extremely attractive. I had the pleasure of enjoying a couch dance with Joey, a sexy dancer from Long Island.

Value – 4 Stars
I found that the prices at Private Eyes are comparable to other gentlemen’s clubs in the area; not the cheapest, but not cost prohibitive for those on a budget. The cover charge is $5.00 until 8:00pm then $15.00 until 4:00am, but be sure to check out for complimentary admission Monday through Thursday. Couch dances are $20.00 per song and champagne court prices vary.

Website & Social Media – 5 Stars is one of those few gentlemen’s club websites that I’ve encountered to make itself extremely customer-friendly, with all of the information you’ll need clearly and neatly laid out on the homepage and plenty of information on specials, events, free door pass and links to their Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other social media easily accessible.

In Brief…
What Private Eyes lacks in size is more than made up for in quality, customer service and an exceptional experience on par with what you’ll find at many of the best gentlemen’s clubs out there.



Private Eyes Gentlemen’s Club
320 West 45th Street, New York, NY 10036
(212) 582-4001
Hours: 12:00pm to 4:00am Mon-Fri, 8:00pm to 4:00am Sat

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