CosPlay Cutie of the Week: Ginny McQueen – G-Chan Cosplay

Hailing from Los Angeles California is long time cosplayer Ginny McQueen, or G-Chan as she is known in cosplay circles. The charismatic McQueen makes all her own cosplay’s and is recognized within the community as she has contributed a number of cosplay related articles to a wide variety of forums.

On top of her cosplay work and contributions McQueen participates in the podcast ‘The Drunken Metaphysical’ and hosts a popular YouTube channel.

And avid gamer, McQueen also says she loves travel, tattoos beer and admits to “…watching an embarrassing amount of TV”. McQueen is also very outspoken about body shaming in both the cosplay arena and in general.

Her social media is frequently updated and McQueen interacts with many of the people posting on her various pages. She also uses these forums to discuss things that are very near and dear to her, sometimes even exposing her inner self for all to see.

While this has endeared her to many people, there are still those who would use these things as a platform to attack her. However, no shrinking violet be she.

McQueen has no problem standing up to would be cyber bullies and has the statement ‘This is my page. Don’t be a dick. Trolls will be humiliated and then banned.” on her Facebook page. So if you decide you’re going to go on her page and be a jerk – no sympathy, you’ve been warned.

You can follow Ginny McQueen on Facebook and Twitter, or on her Official Website.



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