Miko Grimes’ Mouth is Buying Her Husband a Bus Ticket to Oakland

In the past we have reported on the wives of football players running their mouths. There was Anna Welker who we called the total package because she was just as hot as she was dumb. There was Brazilian model Gisele Bundchen who threw Wes Welker under the bus with the vengeance of the Hulk in an Avengers movie. We even commented on the mouthy Brenda Warner.  But none of these women come close to doing the damage Miko Grimes is causing right now in South Florida.

The wife of the fading Miami cornerback is fanning the fires in a locker room that still has ashes smoldering from the Jonathan Martin incident. Fanning the flames is an understatement Miko Grimes is dumping a bucket of gas on it.

This woman has been arrested at Sun Life Stadium for being “that chick” and playing the “do you know who I am card” with security personnel that didn’t care who she was. Now she has decided to take on Miami Dolphins Quarterback Ryan Tannehill and is dragging the rest of the team kicking and screaming into the fight. Not only did Miko Grimes drag her husband into this mess she also tweeted that no one on the team liked Ryan Tannehill. She then went on to tag the receiving roster on Twitter and dragged them into the mess. She then topped off this act by vulgarly insulting every Dolphin’s beat writer that ever had something good to say about Ryan Tannehill.

My first thoughts were Brent Grimes has no sack for letting his wife rule his life like this. My second thought was Miko Grimes must be incredibly hot for Brent to put up with this mess. Right on the first and way wrong on the second. Miko Grimes is no natural beauty. This chick has a bulbous head and a tiny chin. She looks like someone left E.T. out in the sun of South Beach too long. We attached the mug shot of Miko Grimes to this story to back that fact. If I were scrolling through mugshots on the Broward County Sheriff’s website and saw Miko Grimes I would have thought she was a crackhead that got picked up for possession. Yes a crackhead, no one is mistaking her for a hooker, I can’t see anyone ponying up cash to get on that.

Here is the bottom line. Brent Grimes needs to man up and tell his wife to shut up. Miko Grimes’ only job as a football wife is to keep her man happy. If she spent more time on Brent’s jock she wouldn’t have as much time to talk crap about his coworkers. Miko use your mouth for good, not evil.

The funny thing is Miko Grimes acts like the Miami Dolphins are her coworkers. In one tweet she states if the Dolphin’s don’t want “us” we have plenty of teams that would want us. Not at 9 million for a fading cornerback with a loud-mouthed wife. Miko Grimes is going to find herself and her husband in Oakland, on a one year deal. And I can’t think of a better place for a hoodrat like her. She is going to fit right in.

So, Brent if you want to stay in Miami tell your wife to shut up or kick her to the curb and trade up. I would take the latter option if I was Brent Grimes this woman has already done enough damage to his career. I would suggest checking out Miko’s tweets @IheartMiko but it is now a protected account. You can check out the tweets on the screen grabs below.

Give it time to load this chick has a lot to say!