Guitar Gadget Review: Knob And Bushing Puller, by Schatten Design Acoustic Pickups

This is an awesome little tool that I found earlier this year and I cannot imagine ever being without it.

At some point, I can see just about any guitar and bass player having a knob that just. will. not. come. off. You’re changing out a part for whatever reason, and a simple volume knob comes between you and your goal. Who else remembers trying to remove a knob with wire or string or a folded up guitar polishing cloth? Me…I’ve used them all. Generally speaking, it would result in knobs finally popping loose and flying wildly across the room to be found some time later with much effort and several bad words. haha!

Or how about the bushings for bridge and tailpiece studs? Has anyone else come up with methods that would make MacGyver jealous?

It’s happened to me many times over the years, and if it’s not happened to you…it will…UNLESS….you have a Schatten Multiple Puller tool.

The Puller Tool is an elegant solution that is so simple and makes so much sense that you’ll wonder why you didn’t already think of it. While little more than a cylinder, a few washers and a handful of machine screws…it’s a time saving tool that make life easier. A plastic cylinder?!?, you may wonder….won’t it mess up the finish?!? Fret not, gentle reader, the bottom edge is coated to reduce any such concern. And you can always use your polish cloth for added protection.

For the really industrious tweaker/upgrade type, it’s also excellent for pulling the machine inserts for your common double locking tremolo unit…which is handy when you take that step up to the titanium inserts made by TiSonix, made here in the US of A. I’ve seriously seen a very well-known builder use a pry bar to remove trem inserts – no, not kidding. The Schatten Puller Tool is much safer to the post coming out, to the post hole, to the body of the guitar, and to you.

There is a wee bit of sticker shock to the Schatten Puller Tool. But….how much is your time worth and how much are broken/lost knobs/pots worth and how much is the finish of your guitar worth? It’s a no-brainer.

Check out this video of the Schatten Puller Tool, along with a regular guitar knob puller

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