Colin Quinn’s Web series “Cop Show” ordered for two more seasons on L/Studio

Lexus’ L/Studio has picked up seasons 2 and 3 of Colin Quinn’s hit Web series “Cop Show.” All of season 2 will premiere on Feb. 2 on the Lexus-owned digital content channel ( and season 3 will premiere later this year.

This 16-episode order was written by and stars comedian and Saturday Night Live (SNL) alum Colin Quinn and is executive produced by Morris S. Levy of MEGA Films (upcoming “The Rocky Marciano Story” starring Jeremy Renner), AGI Entertainment’s Brian Stern, and Lisa Eisenpresser (“Hudson Valley Ballers”, “Summer Forever”). J.D. Amato (Fusion’s “The Chris Gethard Show”) is producing and directed all the episodes. The series was shot in New York City.

“Cop Show” is a brave, bold new show that takes on the issues the other cops shows are afraid to deal with. Crime, for one. Also the police. And the legal system. The second and third seasons, which continue the show’s take on a fictional behind-the-scenes look at Colin Quinn trying to make an NYC cop drama, feature Chris Rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Steve Buscemi, Seth Meyers, Irina Shayk, Jim Norton, Steve Guttenberg, and many others.

“‘Cop Show’ has gone to a new level this time. A level not thought about since Dante’s literary masterpiece,” said Colin Quinn. “‘Cop Show’ is to the cops what ‘The Godfather’ is to the mafia. Most shows get so caught up in trying to entertain, they forget what they’re really supposed to be doing.”

“After the success of season one, Colin Quinn and his very funny cast are returning to L/Studio,” said Brian Smith, vice president of marketing for Lexus. “L/Studio supports passion projects, and we’re happy to have the opportunity to continue doing just that by extending our run of ‘Cop Show’ with two more seasons.”

Of the first season of “Cop Show,” the New York Times cheers, “It’s a funny and fairly merciless self-portrait, but hey, ‘Cop Show’ is, indeed, [Quinn’s] show. No one else is getting the last laugh.”

For a taste of “Cop Show,” here is a clip with Steve Buscemi as the guest star: