Review: The DeWalt 4.5″ Small Angle Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

I am going to give you a rare insight into my geekiness. When sitting down to start this review I put on Skid Row’s 80’s metal opus Slave to the Grind. I can’t think of a better way to get myself rolling on this review.

To me the angle grinder is the big daddy of power tools. The DeWalt 4.5″ small angle paddle switch angle grinder is a major player in this arena. This tool boast an 11 amp motor cranking out 1.8HP horsepower this pumps out a massive 1100 rpms. That will give you more than enough power to deal with heavy loads. When using any angle grinder under heavy cutting circumstances pinching and staling is sometime inevitable. The DeWalt 4.5″ angle grinder comes with E-Clutch. If you do pinch or stall the unit the E-Clutch activates in less than a tenth of a second. The DeWalt 4.5″ angle grinder also comes with a great braking system. Once the trigger is released the unit slows 50% faster than previous units.

When you get a tool like this in your hands the first thing that comes to mind is “I need to cut some stuff” I was eager to give the unit a try. I tried with a few of DeWalt’s phenomenal cutting blades on various scrap I found in the basement. The .060-Inch porcelain tile blade allowed me to precisely dry cut through some scrap tile I had cleanly with no chipping. Not only were the cuts clean and precise but they were effortless to make.

I then gave the DeWalt 4.5″ angle grinder a run with the general purpose metal cutting wheel. The DeWalt glided through a laundry list of various metals. What made this chore a joy is the One-Touch guard made it easy to make quick adjustments and redirect debris.

Making this unit more valuable is the Dust Ejection System which keeps the internals of the angle grinder cleaner and contributes to long motor life. The DeWalt 4.5″ angle grinder also comes with a lanyard hook to connect the unit to your tool belt or to hang near your work.

You can find the DeWalt DWE4222n 4.5″ angle grinder at most retailer and online at Amazon, Home Depot and Lowes. I would suggest this tool to be added to the arsenal of any contractor or first responder. At its price point it even makes for a great tool for the homeowner that wants to come hard and heavy at some of the toughest tasks.