Out of the Park Baseball 17 Announced, Features MLB and MLBPA Licensing

The latest edition of Out of the Park Baseball has been announced, and this version is pulling out all the stops when it comes to presentation. This version features the official MLB and MLBPA licenses for the first time, meaning not only do the FaceGen photos feature real MLB players that can age, but also the images of over 1000 minor league players. All of them feature ratings generated by baseball writer and SABR member Dan Szymborski

The game features, according to OOTP Developments, “over 150 authentic Minor League clubs with real logos and leagues, along with 8 international and several independent leagues, all with real rosters.” Career player arcs have been made more realistic too, along with better general manager artificial intelligence, so trades and contracts are less exploitable.

Out of the Park Baseball 17 also has included 3D stadiums and an improved interface to make navigation far easier, as well as an all-new game summary system for post-game recaps. OOTP Developments also boasts support for multi-core processors, making generation far faster.

Gamers interested in pre-ordering Out of the Park Baseball 17 can do some at the official site. The game is due to be released on March 22.

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