CosPlay Cutie of the Week: Lisa Lou Who – Cosplayer and Seamstress

Its not uncommon (in cosplay) for popular cosplayers to fall under the scrutiny of whether or not they make their own costumes; such is not the case with Lisa Lou Who. Not only does this cosplayer/seamstress make her own costumes she also is a small business owner making and selling hoodies under the name ‘Rarity’ (you can go to her online boutique through this link).

As for her personal information the lovely Lisa Lou Who describes herself as someone who is just ‘dork-ing’ around the world that enjoys food (especially cake).

In her various web pages Lisa Lou Who has images of not only herself but also interacting with other cosplayers and fans, whom she keeps up to date as to her appearances and what products she is offering in her online boutique. Something many other cosplayers could take note of.

For the most part fans are praising and respectful, but she does have to deal with her share of creeps and weirdos. One clown decided to start an entire Facebook page dedicated to her boobs, (don’t bother looking, its been removed) and another one started an interview complimenting her on them.

While she did express her outrage over the Facebook page she responded to the half-wit with the opening ‘compliment’ question by saying ‘I do understand I put my body out there on display. I’m totally cool with that. I know I have fans that are just there to add some photos to their spank bank and move on. ‘ She also added ‘I don’t want you here if ALL you see on me is a pair of boobs. I don’t mind if you see them, I don’t mind if you think about them, whatever. But if that’s ALL you’re here for, just do me a favor and fuckin’ leave.’
Gotta love a hot lady with skills, confidence and a bit of sass.

You can follow Lisa Lou Who on Facebook and Instagram.


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