Beathaven- Where Musicians Can Connect, Collaborate and Cash In

The internet has made music communities much smaller. Forums, apps and social media have made it incredibly easy for musicians to not only connect but also generate revenue. Sadly, in this great wave of technology ideas are duplicated and we find ourselves with different flavors of the same sites. That is until now. Beathaven emerges on the scene and gives musicians not only a new way to collaborate but to also generate income.

Nowadays it’s too hard for the average musician to make a living,  having to work for drinks or gig money that barely cover gas. Beathaven is a new service that seeks to give every musician around the world a chance to be a session player. Collaborate with professionals, play on pro tracks, earn sessions fees and download revenue for great parts. Network with respected industry players and producers looking for new material.

Instead of searching for elusive opportunities in the music industry the Beathaven service brings the industry to you and changes the concept of what a band can be.

Browse through the tracks until you find one that you think you could really add something to and then download and do your best. Upload the completed track and if it’s mind blowing you’ll receive either a session fee or a revenue share for downloads of the tracks you play on. You’ll also be connected to a network of professional contacts and opportunities.

This is the way collaboration should have always been.

You can join the jam here: