David Bowie’s Entire Catalog is Available for Free Download

The only thing David Bowie loved more than making music was the fans he made music for. David’s last wish was to give the gift of music to not only his fans but to all the world. In with accordance David Bowie’s final wishes the entire David Bowie catalog is now available for free digital download on Amazon.com and iTunes . All 27 studio and 9 live albums from the 1967 self-titled release David Bowie to his final opus in 2016 Blackstar are now available for free download. Fans of Bowie simply need to enter coupon code ZIGGY2016 at checkout after making their selections.

Upon checkout fans will also receive a free download of the digitally remastered movie “The Man Who Fell to Earth”. The film released in 1976 by director Nicolas Roeg and starring David Bowie has been digitally restored from the original 70mm masters. An addition 15 minutes of film that never made it into the final cut have been added to the film.

David Bowie’s longtime personal assistant Alfred Kahallick announced the giveaway to the press. Mr. Kahallick told the press “This was David’s last wish. He dreamed of a world where art and music would be shared like a smile from a friend or a warm embrace.”  Wiping a tear from his eye he went on to say “This is David’s last embrace for all of us.”

Due to international copy write laws, the free digital downloads will only be available in America, Canada, The United Kingdom and territories of those countries. There is a one-time use of the coupon code per customer but no limit on the amount of albums selected per coupon. The coupon code ZIGGY2016 is valid on iTunes and Amazon Music.