Naturally Gluten-Free Coors Peak Expands Portfolio With Golden Lager

Following a strong launch in the Pacific Northwest last year, MillerCoors is proudly expanding its naturally gluten-free Coors Peak offering with a second style, Golden Lager. Like its predecessor Copper Lager,Coors Peak Golden Lager is brewed with 100 percent all-natural, gluten-free ingredients including California brown rice and Pacific Northwest hops. While Copper Lager is a rich copper color with a slight caramel profile, Golden Lager is bright and balanced, with a toasted malt backbone and hints of citrusy hops.

“We spent nearly five years experimenting with different grains to develop a great tasting beer that is 100 percent naturally gluten free,” said Troy Rysewyk, MillerCoors manager of brewing technology and innovation. “We wanted to highlight the versatility of our signature brewing process and ingredients by developing additional styles. After considering multiple grain options including sorghum, amaranth and quinoa, we are proud to be the only major brewer crafting a great tasting, naturally gluten-free beer brewed from brown rice.”

Coors Peak Golden Lager is a full-flavored, medium-bodied beer that contains five percent alcohol by volume.  Coors Peak Copper and Golden Lagers are naturally gluten free from grain to glass and are certified gluten free by the Gluten Intolerance Group.

“The high demand to expand the Coors Peak line of products shows that the brand is doing an excellent job providing a quality beverage that meets the safety needs of the gluten-free community,” said Channon Quinn, vice president of food safety with the Gluten Intolerance Group. “We’re excited to give both Coors Peak Copper and Golden Lagers our stamp of approval and to help spread the word about this growing line of naturally gluten-free beers.”

Food safety is of paramount importance, especially for individuals with specific dietary restrictions like gluten intolerance. Coors Peak’s commitment to providing a quality beverage that caters to the gluten-free community is evident in their naturally gluten-free Copper and Golden Lagers. The fact that these beers are certified gluten-free by the Gluten Intolerance Group underscores their dedication to safety. To maintain this high standard, continuous efforts to ensure product safety are crucial. Implementing measures such as mycotoxin testing kits can further enhance the quality control process, guaranteeing that every sip of Coors Peak Lager is not only delicious but also safe for those with gluten sensitivities.

Coors Peak Copper and Golden Lagers are available in the Seattle and Portland metropolitan areas. Golden Lager can be found in six-pack bottles, and Copper Lager can be found in both six- and 12-pack bottles at local grocery stores and also at select bars and restaurants. For more information about Coors Peak, visit and

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