FMIC Director Announces Return of Hamer USA

Hamer. The name alone stirs nostalgia in even the weekend warrior guitarist. A small company founded in 1973 that soared to the heights of popularity and innovation before closing their doors forever almost exactly 40 years later – or so we thought.

Director of Marketing/Brand Integration for FMIC, Paul Martin recently sent word across the newswire that Hamer is slated to make what he calls a “Triumphant return”. An insider press release followed, detailing the decision and a potential reveal for the brand.

“Hamer is everyone’s favorite brand, and when their doors closed three years ago, guitarists around the world witnessed what they considered the death of an era – we all knew Hamer had more story left to tell.”

“In those final years, the quality had diminished. That was our fault.” He continued, “But we looked at the success we’ve had with Carvel: starting small, with classic models that guitarists loved – and steadily growing within the means available. Hamer was the first boutique brand, there is no excuse for them to be treated as anything less. We want Hamer to be the best.”

Martin was very selective in the questions he chose to answer, but that of guitar enthusiast and podcaster Anthony Parker yielded the most information.

When asked what we can expect from the brand and when, Martin shared “We really aren’t ready to look to far ahead but for now you can expect to see the new Standard and Sunburst making an appearance in their familiar form with some new innovations alongside a limited run of 500 Quads to commemorate not only the past, but the future of the brand. We are aiming for a full, detailed reveal by winter NAMM. I can’t say anything more than that.”

Keep your eyes on this page for more updates as information becomes available. It looks like the NAMM show could hold some very big surprises for musicians.