Review: The New Costa Del Mar Copra Sunglasses – Look Like a Rockstar

We have reviewed some impressive sunglasses from a wide variety of companies over the years. None has impressed us as much as the new Copra sunglass from Costa Del Mar. The new Copra frames are available in single, double and triple ply frames. Paired with five sharp looking lens colors it is easy to customize a pair that will finish off your look with style.

Depending on the options you select the Copra can be a great dress or casual pair of sunglasses. We reviewed a pair with the three-ply tortoise, white and salmon frames finished with the green mirror lenses. The first thing we noticed about the frames is Costa Del Mar got the colors right. The salmon is an actual orange salmon tone, not a pink as it is sometimes confused. The tortuous pattern is slightly exaggerated giving these frames a very funky look.

Typical of Costa Del Mar the optics in these glasses are fantastic. The lenses are sharp and clear with no visible distortions. Colors, especially in the green spectrums, seem to come alive when you put them on your face.

The attention to detail on these glasses is incredible. The ear pieces have textures to hold the glasses firmly on your head. The bridge of the glasses has rubber pads to hold the frames comfortably and securely on your face. The frames are finished off with the Costa “C” in a stylish silver. The Costa “C” lets the world know about your commitment to style.

Take a look at the Copras and Costa Del Mar’s other new styles on Their interactive website lets you switch out a variety of frames and lens. You can also find information on their Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Google+ pages.

I can tell you with all confidence, I look like a rockstar in my new Copra sunglasses. No, they do not make me play guitar any better. However, I look a hell of a lot better doing it.