Miley Cyrus Leaked Nudes…Again

I am starting to think I should just cut and paste the last Miley Cyrus post. Yes, Miley Cyrus had some nudes leaked again. This time around there is no gratuitous full frontal nudity or crotch shots. However, the week isn’t over yet and who knows what is up Miley’s sleeve. Then again she never has a shirt on so sleeves are not an option. Looking at this latest gallery of leaked naked shots of Miley she is looking more like her trailer park heritage.

In the new naked photos, you can see her body is slowly getting covered with what looks like jail house tattoos. I have nothing against ink. I am inked up myself. However, you would think with Miley’s money she could get some decent work done. She also looks like she has just been smoked up and laid down in every shot you see her in. Not sexy but sleazy.

Despite her stoned out trashy persona, the girl continues to sell out auditoriums around the world. She does possess a great voice and let’s be honest if you look past the crappy tattoos the body is not all that bad. The picture below is only one of a gallery of what look to be a cache of Miley Cyrus’ personal nude photos.

One would think the shelve life of this poptart would soon be over. The thing is Miley Cyrus is the Micheal Meyers of celebrity. Whenever you believe she is gone, she reappears from the shadows in her hockey mask. Miley’s hockey mask, in this case, would be her nipples.

If you want to check out Miley Cyrus’ leaked nudes, see below. Be sure also to check out our scandalous celebrity nip slips, hacked photos and wardrobe malfunctions. Including pics from the famous fapathon.

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