Indy Comics Spotlight – Staunch Ambition

‘Out of the enlightenment, both science and technology are born anew. As mankind continues to advance in scientific knowledge, breakthrough upon the breakthrough compound, exponentially. Through this new technology, mankind can transcend its physical limitations by passing through the thought dimension and entering the supernatural.’

And with this opening description Brain Lau now has the Kickstarter for his long-awaited title Staunch Ambition up and running.

Staunch Ambition begins with a solar flare bringing our technology to a halt and the fighting for the rise to power that occurs after. As the dust settles on the conflict, the nations begin to work together, rather than apart, to rebuild our world and prevent another world war.

As part of this new-found co-operation, a task force is established to delve into the mysteries of the human psyche in the search for answers to our violent nature. The result of this task forces findings lead humanity into a new age of development and advancement that is beyond our dreams as we now have the ability to explore our thoughts and ideas as never before.

Created and lettered by Brian Lau, written by John McNichol and brought to life by artist Tyler Thull Staunch Ambition is as beautiful as it is creative.

Large sweeping landscapes, brilliant colouring, technical detailing and lifelike characters are only a portion of what gives this title its depth and draw.

Every page and image crafted by people passionate about the project and comics; Staunch Ambition is what a great comic book title should be.

At this point, you will still have to wait to get your hands on this title, but you can ensure that you get a copy of it when its finally available by supporting its Kickstarter campaign. You’ll have to hurry as the campaign closes Thursday, April 28.

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