Review: Yeti Rambler Bottles – The Perfect Craft Beer Companion

There is a global boom of craft beer that has been happening for the past ten or so years. In many areas, you can find hipsters and beer geeks dragging growlers of freshly brewed beer home in a variety of vestals. What a lot of these folks know is the smaller startup brewers and nanobrews often have the best brews. The downside is due to the small budgets of these brewers their growlers are not often the best.

Loose seals and substandard materials can have you looking at 64 ounces of warm flat beer when you arrive home. That is if you get it home. We all have at some point dropped our beer on the way home. You know the feeling. It is the adult equivalent of watching you balloon fly away as a child.

Yeti, the king of cooler technology now has you bringing your micro brewed beer home safe, cold and fresh. The Yeti Rambler bottles come in 18, 36 and microbrewery friendly 64-ounce bottles. These sturdy double insulated growlers are a must have for any craft beer fan.

As I mentioned, these growlers are double insulated. The double wall design not only gets your beer home cold, but the design also keeps the bottle from sweating. The Rambler bottles are made of 18/8 stainless steel; they can take a hit that would shatter the average growler in pieces. The added benefits are stainless steel is easy to clean and looks cool as hell.

The silver cylinder is topped off with a sharp looking black TripleHaul™ cap that doubles as a carrying handle. The cap is as impressive as the Rambler bottle itself. The cap is a threaded design with a rubber seal attached to the bottom. When tightly closed the rubber seal connects with the bottle’s neck making an air tight seal.

Not a beer drinker? The Yeti Rambler will also keep things hot. This is great for coffee on the job site or your 5-star chili during those late winter tailgating sessions. There are so many great applications for the Yeti Rambler. And with Father’s Day right around the corner this is a great gift for the tailgater, camper or craft beer enthusiast in your life.

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