Review: Positive Negative Man – Broken

The Broken album by native Boston area power trio – as this reviewer will call them – is a grunge masterpiece and, hopefully, a shape of what’s to come from these three guys known as Positive Negative Man. The alternative rock combo consists of Peter Tomilloso-Bass, vox Mike Feeney-Guitar, vox, and Ian Wilson-Drums, and they pack a powerful punch. Let’s look at the Broken compact disc track by track.

1. Gasoline 3:46
The one thing I can say about this track is that its hard rockin’, driving beat will keep it on “repeat” in your player. Vocalist Mike Feeney has an edge to his voice that I can’t imagine anyone coming close to imitating, it certainly is a unique voicing, and musically on this one it comes across as what I will call “Grunge Metal” part grunge rock and part heavy metal.

2 Keep It Together 3:09
I can visualize this being re-recorded by some of the garage rock bands of the sixties such as the Nashville Teens (famous for their classic rendition of “Tobacco Road”,) in fact, you can hear the beat of that great classic throughout the piece. Peter Tomilliso voice is perfect for what I would hope to be the next single from the album.

3 The Waste 2:27
What I find interesting about the vocals on here, as I stated, is that they are one of a kind. I can’t imagine anyone out there in the music biz replicating the uniqueness of Mike Feeney’s voice. I also can see where Positive Negative Man got the name (other than the Avengers TV episode, “Positive Negative Man,” of course) some of the tracks have more dark grunge basement sound while others have that light uplifting classic rock sound to them.

4 With No Machine 3:04
A really upbeat and something to dance to in the clubs type of tune, it’s pretty basic dancing type material to this reviewer but has potential.

The Ice Queen of Space 5:32
This has so many different sounds that I hear in this that it sounds almost like a tribute to a lot of great classic rock stars in here I hear some Rolling Stones, Lou Reed, and even a sprinkling of the late David Bowie as well. I’ll give you the break downs as to where I hear the icons the Rolling Stones is in the guitar sound of
the track and the vocals by Mike Feeney come across at times like the late Lou Reedd and David Bowie, and also the title even reminds me of something Bowie would have done during the “Ziggy Stardust” period.

6 Kings 4:04
The fact that this has a mix of the upbeat but dark sound blended together and both vocalists harmonizing on the CD for the first time creates a stylistic kind of Beatles aura. Not sounding like the Beatles, but a Fab Four influence, for sure.

7 Balling the Jack 3:05
An interesting sounding upbeat grungy metal tune that if (and where) they still do mosh pitting in the clubs you can certainly get with the program here, or even headbang
if they still do that as well.

8 Newport Beach 3:29
I hear a taste of Nirvana and even a little of Lou Reed again , the Nirvana part in the melody of the song. Would almost consider this a part 2 to Nirvana’s
classic “Come as you are” with Lou Reed style
vocals. It would be interesting to see hear what it would have sounded like had Kurt Cobain and Lou Reed ever collaborated. Consider this the collaboration that never happened.

9 Twister 4:06
The vocals, and an awesome guitar riff repeating throughout, and the intangible that grips true rock fans,  This is ultimately bound to be something that should be around the Positve Negative Man live set for a long  time to come.

10 Just Don’t Think 3:19
An awesome closer for this album and should also be for their live sets in club,a song with lots of interesting  but defining elements. A very Greenday sounding beat from their early days, with harmonizing vocals like the  Rembrandts that sing the classic theme to the show “Friends,” a tune that will get stuck in your head for sure.

I give this CD a 5 out of 5 star rating and i’m sure we’ll have plenty of more fantastic writing and music to come in the future from Positive Negative Man.

Thanks to guest contributor Ed Wrobleski for this review