Eyes Eat Suns are Finally ALIVE (EP Review)

Emerging out of the alternative rock scene like a bat out of hell, North Carolinian, female-fronted band Eyes Eat Suns’ latest EP titled ALIVE is a musical force to be reckoned with. The album opens up with it’s self-titled track chronicling the ever-existing struggle to fit in with the pressures of our ever changing society all while keeping a level head. It is a humble yet powerful tune that highlights the importance of maintaining your individuality while learning how to fail in a world that breeds conformity, a message that will resonate strongly with their fan base.

All three members of this band have their talents showcased on a high pedestal and it is a testament to the talent of these individuals. Guitarist, Caige Crampshee, and drummer, Matt Fariss certainly do not take the back seat to the incredible vocal stylings of lead singer, Ayisa Adderley on this record. It is very apparent after listening to this album that the members of Eyes Eat Suns compliment each other musically and are another proud example of what it means to be a DIY band.

Following the first track, is a tune titled ‘Navigate,’ is an emotionally charged ballad which once again touches upon Ayisa’s journey of finding her way through the cloudiness of the fears that surround her. The middle track, ‘Priceless Faces,’ is all about being okay with, and even enjoying, letting go of the reigns of life and having it take you on the ride it is meant to be. The strong message “keep your head above the water” that ‘I.V. 101’ opens up with exemplifies the thesis of this album which is never giving up when powers that be want to see you fail. The final track ‘Tick’ is musically-solid conclusion to this honest, self-reflective EP and leaves the listener with a creative comparison between the cosmic clock we all face and the negativity we sometimes let attach to ourselves and hold us back. This is without a doubt the most profound piece of work that Eyes Eat Suns has given the world.

ALIVE was recorded by the very same man who gave us Paramore’s first album and it will not surprise me if Eyes Eat Suns shares the same successes as that band has had in recent times.

ALIVE drops on iTunes and Spotify on June 7.