Review: Atmospheric Disturbances by Casey Fallen

The 13 tracks on Atmospheric Disturbances begin with “Fragile,” resplendent in dreamy, nostalgic and mysterious, quite fashionable sound. A unique blend of Pink Floyd at half-speed with a strong dash of house music… and vocals out of the folk-rock Velvet Underground third album. There’s a one-minute fifty-nine-second video on YouTube of “Fox in a Box,(Alternative Version,) which rocks harder than the non-lp video of the same tune ( “Fox in a Box”) found also on the web. The CD’s track times out at 3:39. “Lillian’s Last Lyric” continues the journey which flexes its cosmic guitar approach into worlds traversed on TV’s the Twilight Zone and Dark Shadows.

Were those shows in production today, Fallen could be the Fred Steiner, Jerry Goldsmith or Gerard Wilson of the modern era. 3:26 into “Lillian” would work so nicely as an episode of Game of Thrones concludes. As I advise in my review of Peter Gabriel’s Back to Front DVD, the “Sledgehammer” (the song’s) approach should have been where rock segued into in today’s world rather than the compressed ‘pop’ current “hit radio” passes off for music. The “songs-for-ear-buds” approach doesn’t appeal to the entire population, the machinations of multinational corporations taking over what was the once-dreaded “corporate rock” now making the old corporate rock look appealing by comparison. Well, “Lillian’s Last Lyric” does traverse Peter Gabriel’s “So” territory, and in doing so, proves my point.

The video “City Lights,” directed by Fallen, said to be “a journey with the one you love,” is a moody, well thought-out three minute and forty-five sort of intimate travelogue, but it
can be open to interpretation if you hear the audio only.

Casey Fallen’s music is finding a way into the car stereo, the best compliment I can give to an artist who sends sounds through the U.S.mail, unique sounds that get the attention of jaded old critics.

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